SOG SOGFari Kukri Machete Maceta

SOG SOGFari Kukri Machete Maceta

  •  Machete
  •  45,72 cm
  •  30,48 cm
  •  2,03 mm
  •  425,24 g
  •  3Cr13
  •  Kraton
  •  Fixed
  •  Black
  •  Black
  •  Other Synthetics
  •  02SG059

Careful attention has been given to the SOGfari to make sure that the weight was right and the handles were comfortable for extended use. SOG added a real working saw on the back of the blades with teeth that cut deep. Extended out of the back of the handle is a spiked tang for pounding and scraping. There are holes in the handle to mount lanyards.


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