Trigalight Privjesak za kljuceve H3 tritium traser


Trigalight Privjesak za kljuceve H3 tritium

Trigalight markers are small, practical illuminators used to make it easier to find personal items or equipment in the dark. The battery-free illumination technology is the H3/tritium lighting taken from our deployment watches. Glass tubes filled with tritium gas are coated on the inside with a signal color that is permanently induced to illuminate by the slightly radiating tritium - entirely without battery, no external light source, no "recharging" under a lamp. Trigalight tags will help you maintain control of your keychain, flashlight or tent zipper, while camping, on deployments or while fishing. Due to the different color perception of the human eye, the most easily recognized sequence is: green - ice-blue - yellow - white - pink. Diameter 7 mm.


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