White Samurai mac


White Samurai mac

  •  Sword
  •  103 cm
  •  71 cm
  •  7,5 mm
  •  1350 g
  •  1045
  •  Fixed
  •  White
  •  Uncoated
  •  05ZS642

An extremely striking sword! Unlike all the other currently available swords, the White Samurai is entirely white. The wooden sheath is varnished in white as well all attachments. Even the handle wrapping and the manta ray skin-like underlay are white whereas the fittings have received an antique silver color as a contrast. The Tsuba which separates the forged 1045 carbon steel blade from the handle carries a traditional dragon motif. Includes a decorative presentation case.
Decorative or collector's sword, not suited for use!


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