GAMO BLACK SHADOW vazdusna puska


GAMO BLACK SHADOW vazdusna puska

Gamo’s Black Shadow is an exceptional 14 Joules airgun which has been equipped with a new matte black injected polymer stock, providing an outstanding comfort and integration. This eye-catching carbine incorporates the new SWA™ (Shock Wave Absorber) technology, which dampens recoil up to 74% compared to standard recoil pads, and a revolutionary fiber optic sight that provides a clear, bright and dependable picture in any light.

*Power will vary depending on the legislation of each country.

*Contact Gamo’s distributor in your country to consult availability.


    Power 14 J
    Length 109 cm (42,91 in)
    Weight 2,4 kg (5,28 lb)
    Velocity cal 4,5 mm (.177) 275 m/s (902 fps)
Vazdusna puska

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