Balistički zaštitni prsluk

Stepen zaštite IIIA

Made of a highly durable washable fabric, removable contoured straps and antimicrobial wicking COOLMAX® mesh liner ensure comfort and mobility through all day wear.
Outside of the vest is covered in soft velcro material which makes it comfortable to use under clothes. Velcro can also be used as a modular platform to attach stealth magazine pouches and other accessories to the vest.

Vest is made from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE, Dyneema®) and guarantees a level IIIA protection in accordance to NIJ 0101.04  (soft armor protection against most handgun calibers up to and including .44 magnum)

Since it fits the body very tight you can wear it under a jacket or a T-shirt. It's lightweight thus comfortable to wear and doesn't impede your movement. 

IIIA vest (without added armor plates) won't protect you against heavy rifle fire!

Made by UARM from Ukraine. 


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