Airsoft Pistolj CYMA CM125 model USP AEG


Airsoft Pistolj CYMA CM125 model USP AEG

Battery 7.2V 500mAh NiMh, Magacin 30bbs, Sipka za ciscenje, Punjac baterije


Airsoft Pistolj CYMA CM125 model USP AEG


Muzzle velocity: 185 fps
Length: 196 mm
Weight: 785 g
Color: black
Manufacturer: CYMA

The CM125 replica made by the CM company is an alternative replica for the green-gas models. The upper part of the replica is made of an alloy of zinc and aluminum, while the pistol grip is made of plastic. The pistol is powered by a 7,2 V battery instead of green-gas and operates on a basis similar to the AEG carbines. The firing mechanism is based on an electric motor which is vertically placed in the pistol grip and on the battery which is located under the barrel. Just like the original, it can fire in both, semi-automatic and full-automatic firing modes.

The set includes:

- the replica,
- a magazine,
- a charger,
- a battery,
- a magazine loader,

Airsoft pistolj

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