Airsoft Belgiska Takticka Puska P90 CYMA CM060


Airsoft Belgiska Takticka Puska P90 CYMA CM060

Version: plastic + metal
Weight: 1900g
Length: 490mm
Black colour
Outlet speed: FPS
Electric drive
Producent: CYMA


A replica of the CM060 submachine gun

A replica of a Belgian technical pistol machine gun, which thanks to an unusual cartridge guaranteed its place among some of the most problematic to classify the construction. The body and the magazine were modeled on a fire model, made of plastic, while the reload handle assembly, barrel ris rails were made of metal. 

The replica is perfectly balanced thanks to the bullpup standard construction, it retains small dimensions and excellent maneuverability. This makes the replica is great for games on both short and medium or long distances. 

A hybrid V6 gearbox was used here, giving the initial speed of the projectile at FPS. The replica is equipped with RIS rails allowing to attach additional equipment to it.

The set includes:

- replica 
- magazine 
- battery 9.6V 1100
- charger 
- ball loader

Airsoft puska

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