Airsoft Puska Snajper SVD Kalashnikov CYMA CM057


Airsoft Puska Snajper SVD Kalashnikov CYMA CM057


MAGAZINE 180BBS, BATTERY NiMH 2/3A 1200mAh 8,4V , Punjač baterije, Front Sight Adjuster, Cleaning Rod , 0,2g BB 50g, Manual


CM057A sniper rifle replica
Material: Metal, Steel and Plastic
Weight: 3240g
Length: 1210mm
Color: Black
Muzzle Velocity:  FPS
Type: AEG
Manufacturer: CM

CM057A sniper rifle replica

This high quality sniper rifle is made by the CM. In the production process enriched aluminum was used, in addition to polymer and steel. The outer barrel, along with the frontsight mount, flash hider and main body were mad from aluminum while ejection cover, magazine, butt plate and many small elements (including fire selector) were made from steel. The stock and front handguard were made from black polymer. Additionally stock is fitted with comfortable cheek pad.

External look is typical for Soviet weaponry – it looks raw and wood elements were make to seem older in order to make the replica look unique. On the body the mount for optical scope was added, allowing use of the dedicated for this model PSO-1 scope replica.

The replica is fitted with special RS based gearbox, holding reinforced parts allowing installation of the stronger M120 spring and thanks to air-tight design generating muzzle velocity of FPS. The use of steel sprockets, reinforced piston with two steel teeth, reinforced piston head and spring pipe with bearings the replica is ready for power tuning.

The replica also comes with a metal Hop-Up chamber based on the tested RS design. The air-tight design and great performance of the Hop-Up unit allowed for high rate of fire and precision additionally increased by the use of 690mm long inner barrel.


The set includes:

- a replica
- a magazine
- a accumulator
- a charger

Airsoft puska

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