Airsoft Puska Kalashnikov CYMA CM077A AK MAGPUL


Airsoft Puska Kalashnikov CYMA CM077A AK MAGPUL

Material: Metal + polymer + steel
Weight: 3515 g
Length: 740 / 920 / 990 mm
Color: Black
Muzzle Velocity: FPS
Engine: Electric
Manufacturer: CM

Battery 9.6V 1200mAh NiMh, Magacin 170bbs, Sipka za ciscenje, Punjac baterije 


CM077A replica was made of steel, metal and high-quality polymer, with a great care for details. Elements such as the receiver, mock gas pipe, muzzle device and the dust cover were made of steel. However, other miscellaneous metal elements were made of zinc alloy and aluminum. An ergonomic and comfortable pistol grip, similarly to the handguard and the stock, were made of a reinforced polymer in a black, mat color.

CM077A is a modified version of a standard AK replica, which can be seen at the very first glance - a new stock, RIS rail on the dust cover and the polymer handguard enable an easier operation of the replica and make it more comfortable and ergonomic.

The stock folds to the side and allows for an easier carrying of the replica. It also features an option of length and cheek pad adjustment. The top of the dust cover features a RIS 22 mm rail which enables the attachment of various scopes or red dot sights - there is no need for the so-called “dovetail joint” mounts. The ergonomic pistol grip and the handguard were made of durable polymer. The handguard is compatible with MLOK mounting system for accessories such as rails or tactical grips.

The barrel of the replica has a custom muzzle device based on a 14 mm CCW thread.

Due to its size, the replica is ideal for combat on a medium range while the internal barrel in combination with a considerable muzzle velocity provide a tight cone of fire and precision when firing.

The replica features a metal Hop-Up chamber. The replica features a standard for AK replicas, very durable gearbox V3. In this case, it was additionally modified and equipped with a reinforced gearbox frame. Other reinforced parts are 7 mm steel slide bearings, reinforced steel gears and directional piston head that improves the efficiency of the entire mechanism. 

The implementation of M125 spring in combination with a piston with an aluminum sleeve has resulted in a significant for an assault rifle replica muzzle velocity of  FPS. The usage of a reinforced ball bearing spring guide has also factored into the above.

The set includes the replica and a polymer Hi-Cap magazine with a capacity of up to 500 BBs.

Airsoft puska

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