Airsoft Puska Kalashnikov AKS 74U CYMA CM045A


Airsoft Puska Kalashnikov AKS 74U CYMA CM045A

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Battery 8.4V 1200mAh NiMh, Magacin 500bbs, Sipka za ciscenje, Punjac baterije


Airsoft Puska Kalashnikov AKS 74U CYMA CM045A

Material: steel + ZnAl + wood + plastic
Weight: 2920g
Length: 490/730mm
Colour: black
Initial muzzle velocity:  FPS
Drive: electrical
Manufacturer: CYMA


The replica is made of steel, ZnAl, wood and high quality elastic ABS. Of Steel are made silencer, body, lid and lock, rear sight, fire selector and other minor components and folding stock. The other metal parts are made of ZnAl. Application of steel instead of metal, providing a much greater strength of the reply to the various damage.

The magazine is made of ABS (hicap) and pistol grip. Front grip is a very good quality real wood in the selected color, respectively, approaching the model even closer to the original. 

The kit includes: 

- Replica 
- Magazine 500 bbs
- battery and charger

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