Airsoft Puska AK New Series CM076B Full Metal


Airsoft Puska AK New Series CM076B Full Metal

Airsoft Puska AK New Series CM076B Full Metal


For those who like to attach accessories to their weapons, this weapon comes with plenty of rails to attach all manner of gubbins to your pride and joy. At the front you will find a 6 inch Aluminium KeyMod handguard with several 20mm RIS/RAS rail pieces, complete with a railed receiver manufactured from Steel to ensure you can fit on all the accessories that you want. Adding to the tacticool factor you have an ergonomic charging handle and fire selector which will massively increase your effectiveness when using them as they are much easier to reach and handle. Combined with the traditional ambidextrous magazine release and ambidextrous sling point at the rear of the weapon you have a highly tactical package that lets you do more things out of the box than your standard AK platform weapon. The stock is a folding buffer tube style with a Magpul CRT styled stock on the end, and can be easily exchanged for other stocks provided the fit the buffer tube. When you need to blend with the Western Capitalists at 0900hrs, but defend the Motherland at 1700hrs, you can count on the CYMA CM.076B to tick all your boxes.


10.5" Aluminium barrel
6" Aluminium KeyMod handguard
20mm Top Rail on handguard
Unique compensator
Steel receiver
Front sling point
Ergonomic charging handle
Ergonomic fire selector
Ambidextrous magazine release
Folding buffer tube stock
Magpul CRT style stock
20mm RIS/RAS railed top receiver
Ambidextrous sling loop
14mm CCW thread
6.08mm 370mm inner barrel
Package Details:

CM.076B Full Metal Tactical AK Series
Instruction Manual
Charger (Euro Pin)
9.6v 1200mah Ni-MH Battery

Airsoft puska

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